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AEXIS Technologies also provide solutions for smart card applications and systems. It encompasses the following:

  • - USIM or SIM Cards
  • - Bank Cards
  • - Smart Cards
  • - Driving License Cards
  • - ID Cards
  • - Passport Systems
  • - RFID Solutions

AEXIS Technologies develops and implements the software embedded within these cards. AEXIS Technologies also heavily involved in the complete production of such cards, including printing, implanting, embedding and product personalisation.


Our products range are from SIM to USIM with memory capacity from 16K until 256K. USIM / SIM Card specifications are :

  • - Fully compliant to the relevant ISO and ETSI standards
  • - Supports SmartTrust WIB
  • - Supports Java Card
  • - Supports S@T
  • - Supports STK or native card


Smart Card provided by us have the following specifications :

  • - Includes Smart ID Cards, Bank Cards and Driving Licenses
  • - Complies with JCOP card operating system
  • - Fully compliant with the relevant ISO standards
  • - Supports JCOP 21 up to JCOP 41
  • - Supports various cryptography algorithm such as RSA, ECC and AES
  • - Product includes contact card and combi card
  • - PVC and PC (Polycarbonate) materials


We also provide RFID System that :

  • - Complies with relevant ISO standards
  • - Supports NFC
  • - SAM integrated
  • - Complies with JCOP card operating system
  • - Products range from active RFID, passive RFID and SD RFID


Our ePassport's specifications are listed below :

  • - In compliance with ICAO requirements
  • - Complies with RFID Prelem
  • - Complies with High Security Protection holographic foil

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